the people’s race
04 november 2018
42k 21k 10k

Race day information

  • 42km - 06h00
  • 21km - 06h30
  • 10km - 07h00
  • There will be a dedicated tog bag area available for runners to secure their personal belongings
  • Hydration stations are located every 3 kilometers
  • There will be rapid response vehicles and medical personnel at the start/finish and on the route
  • There will be a lead vehicle ahead of the front runners and a Metro Clearing vehicle sweeping the route
  • Hydration Stations will be located every 3 kilometers
  • Marshalls will keep you safe on route
  • Sweeper vehicles will follow the back runners
  • Johannesburg Metro Police Department will be on route to keep roads free of traffic and keep you safe
  • Commercial photographers will be taking photos on route. Participants would need to confirm these services with the commercial photographers
  • TV cameras will be on route
  • Club gazebo spots/spaces are and will be allocated on a first-book, first-pay basis.
  • The location of the club gazebos are on the inner concourse level of FNB Stadium; we cannot guarantee visibility of the finish line (or pitch area), but will endeavour to allocate the best spots to those who pay first
  • As space is limited, no club gazebos are allowed or will be permitted on the pitch, where the finish is
  • We are also limited in the number of club gazebo spots on the inner concourse; should there not be enough space, the excess club gazebos will be moved to the outer concourse level (where they were in 2016) by Gate K at FNB Stadium
  • The fee for a 3x3 space is as follows:
    • Community clubs - R 350 ex VAT
    • Corporate clubs - R 500 ex VAT
  • If needed, you can book more than one spot (if you want two spots, you will pay twice the above stated amount, and so on)
  • Set up is only allowed on Saturday, 4 November from 10:00 - 16:00
  • We will arrange for you to drive in & drop off the gazebos on the outer concourse level. NO cars will be allowed to be left here
  • The Stadium is secure & security is on site, so the gazebos will be safe to be left overnight
  • No one will be allowed to set up on race day morning, which is on Sunday, 5 November
  • No gazebos will be allowed into the Stadium after 16:00 on Saturday, 4 November, nor at anytime on Sunday, 5 November
  • I will be your point of contact for now. On set up day, a team will be at the Stadium to facilitate and assist; closer to the time, I will communicate contact details with you
  • Only gazebos in 3mx3m are allowed - NO other structures will be permitted
  • Nothing may be pegged into the ground
  • No cooking or braai-ing of any sort is permitted (no fires, gas, or otherwise will be allowed)
  • This year, there will be a beer garden; this opens at 10 am
  • There will be food vendors who will be selling food & drinks


  • Bring in food and soft drinks/water on race morning - 5 November
  • Pre-book & pay to secure your spot
  • Set up on Saturday, 4 November, between 10:00 and 16:00
  • Book more than one 3mx3m spot if needed


  • Don’t set up anything other than a 3mx3m gazebo
  • Don’t bring in any alcoholic beverages
  • Don’t bring your gazebo to be set up on 5 November
  • Don’t cook food or braai in your gazebo
  • Don't peg anything into the ground
  • Don’t do anything that may or will damage the flooring

If you would like to book a club gazebo spot(s), please contact


Race Office