Club Gazebos

You are now able to book a spot for your club for the upcoming 26th edition of the Soweto Marathon.   Bookings can be done by completing the attached Booking Form - (click here) with the following information:  • Club Name  • Contact person, contact number, and email address  • Invoicing details & tax number if applicable  • Selected Option    Kindly note that no bookings or monies will be accepted on race day – 6 November 2022  Sites for Clubs  NO club gazebos will be allowed anywhere in the precinct, and there will only be one area that is designated for athletic clubs and their members. This will be situated inside the Stadium – the seating area off the north side of the lower concourse area.   This area will be cordoned off and each club that books will be allocated a specific area; clear signs will be put up. All clubs will also have a view of the finish and all the runners entering the stadium. As such, runners will be guided off of the finish and can make use of the inner concourse level to access their club’s seating area. Signage will be put up to direct both runners and spectators.   Cost for Inside Stadium Club Area   Number of Seats Price (excluding VAT)  50 R500.00 100 R1 000.00 150 R1 500.00 200 R2 000.00 250 R2 500.00   General Information  All bookings for club sites (seating area of FNB Stadium) and suites (hospitality) will only be accepted via an email sent to (az.oc.stnevebd%40ynnad )with all the required information:  • Club Name  • Contact person, contact number, and email address  • Invoicing details & tax number if applicable  • Selected Option  Once your booking is received, an invoice from the Soweto Marathon Trust will be sent to you. Your site/suite is only reserved for you once payment is received, and proof of payment must be sent within 48 hours to secure your booking. If proof of payment is not received within the stipulated timeframe, your booking will be released. The Soweto Marathon team will assign both sites and suites to athletic clubs based on a first-book, first-pay basis.   With regard to food for the Club Seating Area: There will be kiosks open around the stadium selling food and drinks; however, you may bring in a cooler box with pre-prepared food for your club. Please note that your cooler box is subject to a search by security upon entering the gate. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed.   If you have booked a hospitality suite, no food will be allowed. If you would like catering for your running team, this can be arranged for you via an SMSA-preferred supplier.   Keeping in mind all of the aforementioned points, please see below all the rules that relate to clubs and race day.   Sites for Clubs  • No gazebos will be allowed to be brought onto the premise nor to be put up anywhere.  • No signage, branding, or advertising may be displayed.  • No scaffolding and/or platforms may be put up at the club sites.  • Security is present in and around FNB Stadium. Nevertheless, the Soweto Marathon, Soweto Marathon Trust, its sponsors and partner, nor FNB Stadium (Stadium Management SA) will take responsibility for any loss or damage to club property.  • No vehicles will be allowed in the stadium precinct.  • No alcohol will be permitted to be brought inside the stadium. If found, these items will be confiscated by security. A beer garden as well as kiosk selling food, drinks, and beer will be available on race day. You are, however, permitted to bring in a cooler box – this is subjected to be searched by security.  • No braais, gas cylinders, and/or any open-fire cooking method will be allowed. If found, security will remove these and a fine will be issued for any damage.  • We recommend that you have a club member at your site for the whole day as you are responsible for the security of your club site.    Please be on the lookout for more information soon about club sites and hospitality suites.   No bookings and/or monies will be accepted on the day of the event (3 November).   We wish all participants of this year’s Soweto Marathon good luck and look forward to seeing you all on race day!   Kind regards, The Soweto Marathon team   Email: moc.nohtaramotewos%40ofni