Soweto Marathon Runners Village

As part of the lead up to Soweto Marathon 2019, we want to get you moving in a fun but highly beneficial way this winter. 
Come join Soweto Marathon and Pop Up Gym at the Nike Training Centre in Soweto for a morning of group exercise classes that will help you strengthen your muscles as you prepare for Sunday 3 November. In addition, there will be a variety of speakers that will help you with tips for your training program and your diet. 
So lace up your running shoes and come join PopUpGym on Saturday 13th July at 08h30 for a high energy morning that will be made up of Pantsula dance with Mpho-K to warm you up, followed by a calorie burning Kick session with Thabo-K and Stretch and Flexibility class with Botle-Fitness
Soweto Marathon, Lace UP, Conquer Your Hard 
Entry is FREE but you must REGISTER to book your spot as spaces are limited
Date: 13 JulyTime: 08h30What to Bring: Gym Towel and Yoga Mat

Article illustration photo
Article illustration photo