Race Rules 2022

THIS RACE IS RUN UNDER THE AUSPICES OF World Athletics, ASA and CGA. A signed Indemnity Form by parent or guardian is required for participants under the age of 18 years. The form must be submitted upon collection of race pack.
A Grand Master is a person 60 years or older on race day.
INTERNATIONAL ATHLETESInternational Athletes must provide a clearance letter from their country of origin. They must also comply with World Athletics rules 4.2 and 142.2 and ASA rule 9.
Foreign athletes are not allowed to run with an ASA Provincial licence; and are required to purchase a temporary licence otherwise face disqualification (Refer to World Athletics rule 4).
Foreign athletes are not allowed to run in club colours unless such club exits in their country of origin or they are in possession of a refugee status permit or are naturalised citizens of RSA (Refer to World Athletics rule 4).
CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIESEntries open on 27th May 2022. Entries will close when the entry cap has been reached. 
Substitutions will be allowed during the period 1 October to 16 October 2022.. Substitutions can only be done within a distance and not across a distance. Details of the substitution process will be posted on www.sowetomarathon.com
Once a substitution has been processed online by the entrant and a substitution voucher code has been created this cannot be reversed. It is the new entrant’s responsibility to utilise this voucher code before the specified closing date.  
Upgrades/downgrades between distances will only be allowed during the period of 1 October to 16 October 2022. NO downgrades will be allowed from the standard marathon (42.2km).
The fee difference will have to be paid for an upgrade. However, downgrades do not qualify for a refund on the fee difference. In addition to the fee differences applicable there is an admin fee of R100 applicable for all downgrades, upgrades & substitution.
Any irregularities in your entry form will result in a rejected entry. SOWETO MARATHON reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, subject to the rules of World Athletics, ASA, CGA and SOWETO MARATHON.
AGE RESTRICTION42.2km - The minimum age requirement is that the athlete must be 20 years or older on 3 November 2022.21.1km - The minimum age requirement is that the athlete must be 16 years or older on 3 November 2022.10km - The minimum age requirement is that the athlete must be 15 years or older on 3 November 2022.
NO CHIP, NO RESULT, NO PRIZE.The event is being timed by Peak Timing and a disposable timing chip, linked to your entry, will be attached to your race number. Please do not remove this timing chip, bend, fold or damage in anyway. All timing mats MUST be crossed during the race to ensure you receive an official time.
RACE NUMBERSRace numbers must be worn throughout the race on the front of your upper garment/vest. Registered athlete(s) must be a member of a club affiliated with ASA and must wear their club colours along with their 2022 license numbers, to be worn on the back and front together with the issued race number. The race number should not be placed over the licence number - both must be visible on the front of the race garment/vest. The race number must be worn on the front of the upper garment/vest. Temporary licensed athletes who are associated with a club may also wear their club colours or plain white clothing, with the issued temporary license number also on the back, and race number to be worn on the front. No advertising allowed. Participants must familiarise themselves with and abide by the advertising rules as per the World Athletics, ASA and CGA Rulebooks. (World Athletics Rule 143and ASA Rule 13.1 and advertising regulations). These provisions apply for the duration of the race including warming up, all race ceremonies and official press conference. Under no circumstances may a runner display a political slogan. [World Athletics Rule 2(a)]. 
NO REFUND POLICYIn the event of natural disasters and race cancellation, no refunds will be processed.
PAYMENTSPlease note that it is the runner’s responsibility to ensure they enter the correct event when entering online or at a store. Entries incorrectly entered will not be amended and NO REFUNDS will be processed. Duplicate payment for the same entry will also NOT BE REFUNDED. Please take special note of the category options available and the age restrictions which apply. Any payments made directly into the Soweto Marathon Trust account without an entry or after the official closing date or when limits have been reached, will also NOT BE REFUNDED.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ENTRYEntries will be acknowledged via a valid e-mail address (as supplied on your entry form). It is your personal responsibility to check your confirmation of entry. If any of the info is incorrect, please contact the SOWETO MARATHON RACE OFFICE so that your details can be accurately captured. You must produce this confirmation in order to collect your race number.
RACE PACK COLLECTIONRace pack collections will take place at FNB Stadium Johannesburg, South Africa from Thursday 3rd November to Saturday 5th November 2022.Hours: Thurs-Fri: 09:00-20:30. Sat: 08:30-20:30.
• All participants MUST provide proof of identity in order to collect their race number. ID book, Passport or Driver’s License.• NO race numbers will be issued on race day.• Race packs can only be collected at the prescribed race pack collection times. No race pack collections can be made on or after race day; and no entry fee will be refunded under any circumstances.
GENERALAll instructions from traffic and race officials must be obeyed at all times.
Proof of age for prize winners is required and must be presented to the referee before prize giving. Prizes will be withheld until confirmed.• Prize money is subject to taxation in SA.• Payment of prize money is subject to finalization and availability of Dope Testing Results.• Payment of prize money will take up to 3 months from 1 December 2022• Payment of prize money is subject to submission of personal bank details.• Prize money will be paid strictly into the athlete’s bank account.
No earphones, iPods and the like allowed and contravention of World Athletics rule 144.2b, may lead to disqualification.
Athletes may not run with another athlete’s race number unless by prior arrangement with the race organiser.
Entrants should visit the race website (www.sowetomarathon.com) for additional information.
RACE CUT-OFF TIMESEach runner will need to complete the 42.2km within 6 hours, the 21.1km within 3½ hours and the 10km within 2 hours. In addition, for the runners’ safety, a half-way cut-off will be enforced on the Marathon route: 21.1km at 3hours 20min. The SOWETO MARATHON reserves the right to alter these times. Participants will be required to board a rescue bus and be transported to the finish venue if they have not reached the cut-off points within the specified time. Athletes MUST retire once ordered to do so by an official medical delegate or medical staff. 
[World Athletics Rule 240 8(c)]. The cut-off times for Medals are as follows:Marathon:Gold : Top 10 men & women and all category winnersSilver : Sub 180 minutesBronze : All finishers within cut-offHalf Marathon:Gold : Top 5 men & women and all category winnersSilver: Sub 90 minutesBronze : All finishers within cut-off10km:Gold : Top 5 men & women and all category winnersSilver : Sub 45 minutesBronze : All finishers within cut-offPlease note that these times and positions are subject to change should the organisers deem it necessary.
FINAL RACE INSTRUCTIONSYour Final Race Instructions will be part of the registration pack and will also be posted on www.sowetomarathon.com at least 6 days prior to race day. These final instructions will supersede the rules & procedures in this brochure and those currently on the website and will be applied on race weekend.
LISTENING DEVICESFor safety reasons, participants are not allowed to use earphones, iPods, etc. during the race. This excludes hearing aid devices.
AGE CATEGORIESAn athlete is not eligible for a prize in more than one age category, i.e. an athlete is only eligible for a prize in the age category applicable to him/her or the younger category chosen by him/her provided he/she is wearing the relevant age category tag. An athlete, male or female, who finishes the race in 1st to 10th position, may, however, win his/her position prize as well as any applicable age category prize. Unless you have specifically requested in writing to SOWETO MARATHON.Organisers to change your age category to a lower age category, you will be entered in the age category of your chronological age. (ASA rules 11.3 to 11.8 inclusive). Appropriate numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of the upper body garment. An athlete must provide positive identification to verify proof of age. Age category tags must be at least 60mm high and comprise a red number on a white background.
RACE OUTCOMEIf there is a dispute regarding the outcome of the Soweto Marathon, the entrant who notes the dispute may appeal the outcome from 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after Prize Giving. Appeals should be lodged in writing with the chief referee. A fee of R500.00 will apply to all appeals made, which is refundable if the appeal is upheld. The organisers will take any action they deem appropriate based on their findings. The referee’s decision is final. The full provisional results will beposted on race day at a suitable venue to allow for viewing & any appeals.
COVID-19 PROTOCOLSUpdate July 2022 : As per the most up to date South African Government Health and Safety protocol requirements, proof of vaccination and PCR testing will no longer be required for this year’s race. Masks will also no longer be required.
PRIVACY POLICYBy continuing to use this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not continue to use the site. Incomplete entry forms will result in the entrant’s race registration being unsuccessful.The Soweto Marathon Organisers wish to balance their legitimate business interests when collecting and using your personal information and your reasonable expectation of privacy. In this respect, the Soweto Marathon Organisers will take reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent loss of, damage to, or unauthorised destruction of personal information and unlawful access to or processing of personal information. You agree that the Soweto Marathon Organisers may collect, collate, process and/or store your personal information provided by you during the registration process and possibly other relevant times for purposes of verifying your identity, providing you with access to the website and conducting research. The Soweto Marathon Organisers will not disclose your personal Information without your consent. Should the entrant Opt In during the registration process for future communications, the Soweto Marathon Organisers will communicate future runs and or promotions to the Entrant from time to time. 
LIMITATION OF LIABILITYWhilst the Organisers will take all reasonable steps to ensure the entrants safety during participation in the Soweto Marathon and any events relating to it, participation in the Soweto Marathon will be at the entrants own risk. This means that if the entrant agrees to enter the Soweto Marathon and participates in any related events, the entrant will do so on the basis that if they suffer any injury, harm or any loss whilst participating, even if it was caused by the negligence of the Organisers, they will have no claim against the Organisers, their agents, sponsors, CGA and/or ASA. The entrant will be responsible to pay for any harm or losses they suffer.The Organisers reserve the right to amend these rules and regulations without giving prior notice or reason for the amendment. The Organisers will, however, give notice of any significant amendments to the rules and regulations on www.sowetomarathon.com as well as on the day of the Soweto Marathon Events.