Substitution Process

The Soweto Marathon will again allow for a substitution process to enable runners to effect the necessary changes to their entries. This substitution window will run from the 1st September to the 30th September 2019, any changes to entries including upgrades and downgrades will only be facilitated in this period.
Below is important information regarding the substitution process. Should you want to transfer (give away) your entry via this process, or upgrade/downgrade your entry, please read the below carefully. 
How to do a Entry Substitution
If you would like to transfer your entry to another runner (substitute), you will need to log into your race profile using the credentials supplied to you with your race entry confirmation emailOnce logged in you will find an option to "Transfer Entry" to process a substitution. From here simply follow the system prompts. A voucher code will be issued to the person giving up their entry and this voucher code will then need to be used by the new entrant. 
Please note that the system will ask you to confirm if you want to proceed with the Entry Transfer and once you confirm, this process is not reversible and your entry will be deactivated.
The new entrant must then proceed to the Soweto Marathon entry portal. They will process the entry as per normal however when they reach payment stage they must then use the substitution voucher code they have received from the original entrant. Once the voucher has been used the additional charges must be paid via credit/debit card. The EFT option may not be used to pay for any substitutions, downgrades or upgrades. 
You may only pay for the amount due using the CREDIT or DEBIT CARD option. Payments done with the EFT PAYMENT OPTION will not be accepted and will not be REFUNDED
It is IMPORTANT to note that substitutions can not be transferred across distances therefore if you substitute a marathon entry it may only be used by another runner to enter the marathon and not another distance.
Please note the following important information:  
• Once the entry has been given up, the person giving up the entry may not enter another race category for this year's Soweto Marathon. • There will be a substitution fee of R100 plus any applicable administration fees. This will be payable by the new entrant (substitute) on completion of their entry.  • If a runner transfers (substitutes) their entry, it is the runner's responsibility to collect the entry fee from the runner who has claimed their entry. • No refunds will be processed by the event and no entrant may onsell their entry for more than the entry fee. Any person found doing this will be reported to their club and the         relevant provincial and national bodies. • Any products purchased with the original race entry will NOT pass across to the new entrant – ONLY the race entry and T-Shirt will be transferred, PLEASE NOTE that the original         entrants selection for size will be passed onto the new entrant, the new entrant will not be able to change the size. • The merchandise for the entry given up will be available for collection by the original entrant at the information desk at race number collection (the original entrant will NOT be         entitled to a T-Shirt). • Entries done with a sponsors voucher can not be substituted. • Once the substitution window is closed no further substitutions will be possible. There will be no substitutions or changes permissible at race number collection or after the         substitution window period has closed • It is important that you first establish using the official start list if the runner offering his entry for substitution in fact has a valid entry and if in doubt please email or contact the         race office Whatsapp.
How to do a Distance Change
Runners who would like to upgrade or downgrade their distance will be allowed to do so. Please note that in the case of an upgrade the runner will be responsible for the fee difference, but in the case of a downgrade no refunds will be given.There will also be a distance change fee of R100.This will be payable by the entrant on completion of their distance change.
Please note that the race will not be allowing downgrades from the Marathon, as per race rules.
Login to your entry, select "EDIT" and amend the "Distance Change" field which can be found beneath the "Distance" field.Once done select update, which will take you to payment page.
The EFT PAYMENT OPTION may not be used to pay for any substitutions, downgrades or upgrades. You may only pay for the amount due using the CREDIT or DEBIT CARD option. Payments done with the EFT PAYMENT OPTION will not be accepted and will not be REFUNDED, if already paid.
Once completed you must update and then log out. You will receive an email confirmation of the change.
All changes will be updated to the system once the Distance Change period closes at the end of September.